Greenshot, the simple way to screenshot

« To be the best, you need to be the simplest… »

Greenshot for PC and Mac is a simple yet comprehensive tool for all your daily screenshot needs. It’s incredibly user-friendly and above all else, completely free. This isn’t merely a simple piece of software to keep in your toolbox, but rather the perfect companion to help with office automation or more casual tasks that require taking and editing screenshots.

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A simple but effective screenshot solution

Once Greenshot is installed on your device, you will be free to take several types of captures to suit your requirements. There’s no shortage of options here, while a user-friendly design makes Greenshot the most straightforward screenshot solution currently available on the market. What’s more, it is and will remain completely free and open access!

Simple yet incredibly effective keyboard shortcuts…

You can look forward to such screenshot possibilities as:
• The complete capture of your screen (full screen capture): The most utilised and well-known screenshot type, as well as the most enduring and basic.
• Capturing a specific window: no need for the whole screen? No worries. This method is ideal for when you’re looking to take a screenshot of a single window.
• Capturing a fixed area: need a capture of a specific location on screen? This is the go-to option for such a requirement, delivering a clean and concise result, every time.
• Capturing the last area captured: with this superior shortcut, you can reuse the same area previously targeted for capture as you screenshot again. Incredibly practical, this is the big plus of Greenshot for Windows and Mac users, but there’s plenty more to come…

Greenshot stands out from the competition with its integrated image editor.

Capturing is al well and good, but retouching and editing captures before export is better!


greenshot options
Allergic to keyboard shortcuts? A simple right click on the Greenshot icon will do the trick!

There’s nothing all that complicated to concern yourself with here, even if the technical jargon can seem a little overwhelming at first.

Exporting is the moment when you come to save the image file of your screenshot. With Greenshot, there’s no need to edit your image files with a separate piece of software after exporting them, with this indispensable tool has everything required to carry out this task itself.

No longer will you need to juggle screenshot software and image editing programs, with everything brought nearly together in one place to make your life that little bit easier.

Editing an image with Greenshot (before you come to save it) is child’s play. You can add text annotations, arrows and all manner of standard characters with ease.

You only need to contribute the bare minimum of effort when it comes to working on your screenshots, making this practical piece of software an ideal choice for those seeking something to help produce tutorials and training materials.

A handy option that’s proved very popular when it comes to editing screenshots before output is being able to blur out any areas of the image you wish to render invisible. As you can see, Greenshot truly is the best software for capturing and processing screenshots!

What should I do with my screenshots?

With Greenshot, you’ll have the choice between a classic screenshot that stores any content captured in your clipboard, as well as the option to output your screenshot as an image file, with many formats available so you can benefit from the best quality and an overall better rendering.

Alternatively, you can choose to print your selection and/or total screenshot content. As we’ve mentioned already, these are the go-to screenshot options and here, you’ll be able to enjoy user-friendly functionality for convenience and to help streamline your everyday tasks as much as possible.

Select only the area you’re looking to screenshot to discover its width and height in pixels!

What about the screenshot experts?

We strive to keep things simple, but it would be a crying shame to deprive ourselves of settings that might prove greatly beneficial to you.

As such, you remain in control of settings such as image output quality, which affects the overall size of the output file and is therefore potentially very useful. Additionally, you can opt to keep any sound and flash animations associated with your captures.

We haven’t forgotten our friends running Mac operating systems. If you’re one of these Mac users, you can look forward to the benefit of a host of screenshot options.

For your screenshot exports, Greenshot offers the following output formats:

• JPEG: JPG format does not support transparent backgrounds, but has a compression level that can vary to include high-quality resolution for printing requirements, medium quality for web tutorials, as well as lower quality for things like outgoing email communications. This means you can appropriately juggle file size against rendering quality to suit.
* PNG: the PNG format is the most commonly used one online due to its low resolution, allowing it to load faster for browsers. These are actually bitmap files (BMP) that are compressed without any data loss, which also equates to no loss in quality. They support transparency and are a superb alternative to GIFs.
* GIF: GIF files are a low-resolution file format for web content and emails. They support transparent backgrounds, yet manage file size thanks to their compression system.
* BMP: the traditional file format for computing applications, BMP files bring an impressive level of quality, yet the consequence is a cumbersome file size. It’s ideal for when you’re looking to screenshot images of graphics that fit perfectly into the screenshot frame if you’re compiling training materials or putting together tutorials, even if we personally prefer the PNG format for such requirements.

Always easy to use, even at the expert level!

To get started with Greenshot:

Four simple keyboard shortcuts to use to start making screenshots quickly:
• Screen print: area
• Shift + Print: select an area
• Alt + Print: open window
• Ctrl + Print: capture the entire screen

It’s as simple as that. We’ve kept the main key of your keyboard for use with these shortcuts: “Print Screen” or “Prt Sc” for English keyboards.

A free screenshot software solution…

Greenshot is free because it’s open source (or so-called “free software”) under the GNU General Public License and is hosted by GitHub.
Greenshot is also available for download from Apple’s App Store (for Mac users) under proprietary license.
In 2014 alone, Greenshot was downloaded more than 5 million times from SourceForge.

Greenshot is also readily available via all free software download sides, in addition to its official website.

Greenshot | Windows Greenshot | MacOS (Apple Store)